Las anormalidades en las caparazones de foraminíferos y el "Indice de Regeneramiento"


  • Esteban Boltovskoy


All irreguladties in the foraminiferal tests according to their origin are divided into two : 1) ecological and 2,) mechanicaL The principal cause of the second is the deterioration of the shell its examination of much material collected in tho estuary of the Rio de La Plata and the zone of its influence the specimens apparantly with the second irregularities were separated. Their analysis showed that different genera have different capacity for regeneration and that from the genera eneountered in the area studied Elphidiunt has the greatest. Besides, author calculated a relation between regenerated specimens and the total number reviewed and proposed to call this "The Regeneration Index", For the fauna studied this "Index” is; equal to 0,08 '%, but for the other regions it has another nunlbers. The calculation of the Regeneration Index and their comparison can give valuable data for the judging of ecological conditions and regenerative capacity of these assemblages



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