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2017 Impact Factor: 1.519
JCR Ranking 18 out of 55 journals in Paleontology

Average time from submission to publication online: 4.92 months
Average time from submission to final publication: 9.59 months

Publication Frequency: 6 issues per year
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Ameghiniana is a bimonthly journal that publishes original contributions on all disciplines related to paleontology, with a special focus on the paleontology of Gondwana and the biotic history of the southern hemisphere. Published yearly since 1957, it has undoubtedly become the main palaeontological publication from Latin America. Ameghiniana has recently broadened its editorial board, reorganized its production process, and increased to a bimonthly frequency, which resulted in a significant decrease in the turn around time.

Its contents are indexed in most international databases, including Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index, Scopus, Biological Abstracts, Zoological Record, Current Contents (Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences), Geological Abstracts, Bibliography and Index of Geology, Latindex, Gushengwuxue Wenzhai, Pascal, Referativnyi Zhurnal, and Research Alert.

Articles include the following disciplines: 
, Systematics, 
, Paleoecology, 

Studies on stratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and extant material will also be included when the conclusions have paleontological implications.

Review papers are also considered if they are focused on topics relevant to the scope of the journal. Please contact a member of the Editorial Board if you are interested in submitting a Review Paper.


Vol 55, No 4

Table of Contents


M. Belen von Baczko
Nathalia Fouquet, Ryan Roney, Hans-G. Wilke
Renata Sostillo, Esperanza Cerdeño, Claudia I Montalvo
Carolina Celeste Cuña Rodriguez, Eduardo Piovano, Laura del Puerto, Hugo Inda, Felipe García Rodriguez
Amit Kumar Ghosh, Ratan Kar, Reshmi Chatterjee, Arindam Chakraborty, Jayasri Banerji
Alejandro Fabián Zucol, Marcelo J Krause, Mariana Brea, M. Sol Raigemborn, Sergio D Matheos

Paleontological Notes

Ricardo Santiago De Mendoza, Nadia S. Haidr

Book Reviews

EL DARWINISMO DE AMEGHINO. UNA LECTURA DE FILOGENIA. Gustavo Caponi. NEL-Núcleo de Epistemología e Lógica, UFSC, 249 pp, ISBN 978-85-87253-32-3
Leonardo Salgado