Fossil woods from the Oligocene of southwestern Patagonia (Río Leona Formation). Atherospermataceae, Myrtaceae, Leguminosae and Anacardiaceae

Roberto Román Pujana


Fossil woods from Oligocene Río Leona Formation were studied and described. A new morphospecies of Myrceugenellites with affinity to Myrtaceae was described and a new morphogenus, similar to Schinus (Anacardiaceae), was erected and documents the first fossil wood with this affinity from Patagonia. The diagnosis of Laurelites doroteaensis with affinity to Atherospermataceae and Doroteoxylon vicente-perezii with affinity to Leguminosae were amended. All the described woods resemble the wood of extant species that today inhabit Patagonia with the exception of D. vicente-perezii - the generic affinity of which remains uncertain.

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