New palynological data from the Malanzán Formation (Carboniferous), La Rioja province, Argentina

Valeria Perez Loinaze


New palynological assemblages have been obtained from the Malanzán Formation, in the Paganzo Basin, northwestern Argentina. Six samples were studied and stratigraphic provenance of them is provided. Thirty seven spore species, nineteen pollen grains species, and three algal species are identified. Among them, thirty two are recognized for the first time for this unit. Furthermore, the pollen grains of this unit are illustrated for the first time. The Malanzán Formation is dated as Serpukhovian in age, and more probably late Serpukhovian according to the high abundance of monosaccate pollen grain species. The microfloras studied are referred to the Raistrickia densa - Convolutispora muriornata Biozone and more precisely to its Sub-Biozone A, dated in age as Serpukhovian.

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