Redescripción de Ethegotherium carettei (Notoungulata, Hegetotheriidae) de la Formación Divisadero Largo de la provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

Guillermo M. López


The generic allocation of Ethegotherium carettei (Minoprio) from the Paleogene Divisadero Largo Formation (Mendoza province, central western Argentina) has been a matter of dispute. This species was referred to the Deseadan genus Prohegetotherium. Exarnination of the original material demonstrates that this taxon is valid and its assigment to a separate genus is justified. A new diagnosis and description based on cranial and mandibular remains is here presented. Ethegotherium carettei is clearly referable to the Hegetotheriidae Hegetotheriinae and is thus the earliest known taxon of this family. Its distinctive characters suggest an early radiation of this farnily, but it does not provide new evidence on the early history of this group.

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