Un nuevo género de Anhingidae (Aves: Pelecaniformes) del Plioceno-Pleistoceno del Uruguay (Formación San José)

Andrés Rinderknecht, Jorge I. Noriega


A new taxon of Anhingidae, Giganhinga kiuuensis, from the San José Formation (Pliocene- Pleistocene) in Uruguay is described. The holotype comprises an incomplete pelvic girdle and the synsacrum, with a large and closed acetabulum, a reduced lateral compression of the preacetabular synsacral vertebrae, and a very high preacetabular neural crest. The body mass is estimated about 25 kg. thus being the largest anhingid either extinct or living ever known. In addition, this is the first fossil record of a pelecaniform in Uruguay.

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