Nuevo gliptodonte (Mammalia, Glyptodontoidea) del Cuaternario de la provincia de Chaco (Argentina)

Alfredo E. Zurita


Cliuacus paskensis is described as a new genus and species of glyptodont, based on remains from Quaternary sediments exposed at Avia Terai (Chaco Province). The ormamentation of the dorsal carapace and the caudal tube allows to include the new taxon in the Sclerocalyptinae Scleracalyptini; it differs from the other members of the tribe in having a larger size, a more globular carapace, a smaller caudal aperture in the dorsal carapace and two big depressions under the nasals. This new glyptodont was found associated with other two Sclerocalyptini, one identified as Sclerocalyptus ornaius (Owen) and the other as Scierocaluptus sp. On this basis, a Quaternary age is inferred for the sediments. The presence of this new genus and species permits speculation about the existence of particular paleozoogeographic conditions for the eastern Chaco region.

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