"Ostrácodos del perfil El Guadal (Formación Centinela, Oligoceno) del sudeste del Lago Cardiel, Santa Cruz, Argentina"

Alicia Emma Echevarría


"One platyeopine and twenty-six podoeopine speeies of
El Guadal section, of the Centinela Forrnation, from the area southeast of lake Cardiel are deseribed. Two
speeies are classified with open nomenclature. Fifteen taxa have previously been deseribed.
Loxocorniculum sp. is the most abundant species. All the ostraeods are modera te or strongly ealcified and
most are ornamented, of medium size and with amphidont hinges. The microfauna seems to have inhabited
a shallow sea with moderately rapid sedimentation, high energy levels and rieh in plants and oxygen.
The ostraeods frorn the Centinela Formation are of Oligoeene age."

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