Asociaciones de foraminíferos bentónicos recientes de la Plataforma Continental Argentina (39°- 43° S y 58°- 65° O) analizadas con métodos estadísticos para datos composicionales

Marta Alperín, Emiliana Bernasconi, Gabriela C. Cusminsky


The analysis of recent benthic
foraminifera from the continental shelf and San Matías Gulf is presented. Quantitative analysis was performed
using methods from compositional data analysis theory. Principal Components Analysis, Cluster
analysis and Geographic Information System (GIS) were used to infer a) six groups of species that respond
to oceanographic conditions, four of which were related to coastal waters and the others could be influenced
by the Malvinas current system; b) the relationship between 13 species and the water temperature,
bottom sediments, and energetic conditions of the area c) a correlation between Cibicides dispars/Bulimina
patagonica and Cibicides mckannai/Bulimina patagonica and water temperature.

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