"Asterotheca frenguellií (Archangelsky y de la Sota) nov. comb., helecho pérmico de Patagonia, Argentina"

Néstor R. Cúneo, Sergio Archangelsky, Silvia N. Césari


"Fertile specimens of Asterotheca [rengueñii Archangelsky and de la Sota nov. combo are
described. The material is found in Lower Perrnian strata of the Río Genoa Forrnation, Tepuel-Genoa Basin,
vvest of Chubut Province. The original specimens have been previously assigned to Pecopteris
(Asterotheca?) frenguellii Archangelsky and de la Sota. New and better preserved fertile specimens were recentlv
tound gri1nting their assignation to the genus Asterotheca, in the sense of Stubblefield here adopted."

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