"Huellas de saurópodos de la Formación Antenor Navarro (Cretácico Temprano de la 'cuenca de Sousa), Serrote do Letreiro, Paraíba, Brasil"

Ismar de Souza Carvalho


"An ichnocenosis from Serrote do Letreiro (Sousa Basin, Early
Cretaceous, Brazil) is described. This ichnocoenosis consists of 20 isolated footprints, 4 short trackways
and is interpreted as mainly produced by sauropods. Some theropod footprints are also present. The sauropod
footprints have a main alignement along NNW-ESE direction and they are oriented mainly toward
ESE. They are indicative of a sauropod herd, composed of 16 individuals, and furnish evidence of gregilrioLlsness.
The ichnofossils from Serrote do Letreiro are usually very shallow footprints probably due to
the poor granulometric sorting and the low plasticity of the sandy substrate, related to alluvial sands 10-
cated near the basin border."

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