"Palinomorfos de la Formación Los Espejos (Ludloviano medio-tardío) de Aguada de Los Azulejitos, Precordillera central, San Juan, Argentina"

Elba Diana Pöthe de Baldis


"Two prasinophyte and 36 aeritareh taxa from
the lower mernber of the Los Espejos Formation are presented herein. Duoernausphaera oa Loeblieh and
Wieancler and Pterospennella uerrucaboia Loeblieh and Wicander of lower Devonian age in USA are mentioned
for the first time in Argentina. Domasia rochesterensis Thusu is reported frorn the Wenloekian of
Englancl, Sweclen and Cariada, and D0111asia canadensis Thusu from the Wenloekian of Canada. A eombination:
Paíacolntstichosplureridiuni siluricum (Pothe de Baldis) nov. combo is proposed herein. The eosmopolitan
forrns presented here are related to those present in Laurentian Devonian North American and Devonian
Canadian sed iments, Perigondwanie Ludlovian-Emsian from Spain, Upper Ordovician from France
and Wenlockian from Great Britain. This mieroflora is al so related to Australian Upper Devonian ones."

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