"Un Testudininae gigante (Chelonii: Cryptodira) del Pleistoceno de la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina"

Jorge I. Noriega, Adriana S. Manzano, Marcelo S. de la Fuente, Eduardo P. Tonni


"Rernains of a giant tortoise (Testudininae) were recovered from the Toropí Formation
(probably middle to upper Pleistocene) in Corrientes Province. A partial carapace, an anterior plastral
frilgment and a left humerus of a single specimen are described herein. This specimen is tentatively
referred to the genus Clielonoidis Fitzinger. Comparisons with additional material from other localities of
the sa rne region suggest a quite diverse giant tortoise fauna in the Mesopotamic area during the Pleistocene.
The Arroyo Toropí specimen is associated with indicators of more arid environments than those prevailing
at present times in the Mesopotamia."

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