"Un nuevo osteopigino (Chelonii: Cryptodira) de la Formación Roca (Paleoceno inferior) de Cerros Bayos, provincia de La Pampa, Argentina"

Marcelo de la Fuente, Silvio Casadío


"A new genus and species of osteopygine turtle, Pampaemys
tncridioualis n. gen. n. sp. from the Roca Formation at Cerros Bayos (La Pampa province) is described. The
affinities of this new species with North American and European osteopygine turtles is discussed. The
new taxon is based on a postero-medial fragment of the skull. The extensive secondary palate with the internal
narial opening located approximately at the posterior quarter of the skull length is shared with
Eruuelinnesia Dollo. However, in spite of the resemblance in the elongated palate, the configuration of the
palate is different from that of the European genus. Other characters, such as palatines not fused along the
midline behind vomer and the high and rounded skull are shared with Osteopygis Cope. Several characters
(skull size. angle of basisphenoidal crest, palatal width measured at the level of the pterygoid processes,
and presence or absence of a post-choanal crest) suggest that the European, North American and
South American taxabelong to different genera. The morphological differences between the South American
Pacific (assigned to the genus Osteopygis) and the Atlantic species (referred to the new genus
Panrpaennjs¡ are remarkable."

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