"Precisiones geográficas, estratigráficas y paleoambientales sobre los niveles portadores de cúpulas pteridospérmicas de la Formación Jejenes, Carbonífero de San Juan, Argentina"

Gerardo Cladera, Sergio Archangelsky, Juan C Vega


Carboniferous Jejenes Formation, has been known as a plant-bearing unit since the last century. Several
studies ha ve revealed the presence of an important taphoflora; however, the precise fossiliferous sites
mentioned in the original surveys remained as general references covering a wide geographic location.
One of such sites has been discovered and is studied in detail herein, including the sedimentary environment
of the plant-bearing horizons. This particular locality is a relevant si te because it contains abundant
pteridosperm cupules in organic attachment to vegetative organs, which are described for the first time in
the Carboniferous of Gondwana."

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