"Hallazgos de Proterotheriidae (Mammalia, Litopterna) en el Pleistoceno de Córdoba, Argentina"

Adan A. Tauber


"The carpus and metacarpus of a Pleistocene Proterotheriidae tentatively attributed to
Ncolicaphrunu recens Frenguelli from Córdoba Province, central Argentina, are described herein. The manus
is tridactyl, with metacarpals II and IV well developed as in ""Proierotherium"" and Diadiaphorus; in this
respect Neolicaphrinm is primitive relative to the monodactyl manus of the Miocene Thoatherium. Nevertheless,
the squaring of the carpus and the slender metacarpal III resemble the pattern of Thoatherium and
Prothoathcriinu better than that of ""Proterotherium"", Diadiaphorus and Megadolodus, thus suggesting a sligt-
Iy greater degree of specialization in comparison with the last three genera.

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