La familia Ulugkemiidae Novozhilov, 1958 (Conchostraca) en el Triásico de Argentina: implicancias paleobiogeográficas

Oscar F. Gallego, Ricardo N. Melchor


The first record of the family Ulugkemiidae from the Triassic of Argentinais reported. The Family was previously known only from Devonian and Late Paleozoic beds of Russia. After a careful cornparison with the known representatives of the family and allied forms, the studied material is assigned to a new genus Triasulugkemia and to two new species T. ischichucaensis and T.shenyanbini. The specimens were collected in two fluvio-Iacustrine rift basins from western Argentina: Ischigualasto- Villa Unión and Cuyo. The occurrence of a Paleozoic Asian conchostracan family in the Triassic of southwestern Gondwana contributes to the discussion of current hypothesis for the floral and faunal interchange between Asia and Gondwana during Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic times.

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