Ostrácodos (Arthropoda, Crustacea) de hábitat límnico de la Formación Collón Cura, provincia del Chubut, Argentina

Alwine Bertels-Psotka


"The ostracods found in the lower beds of the Collón Cura Formation, which is
exposed in northwestern Chubut province, are described. Three species are mentioned for the first time
for the strata and two taxa are proposed as new: Cyprinotus australis sp. nov. and Limnocfthere colloncurense
sp. nov. Based on the presence of the genus Cuprinotue, which up to now was only mentioned from low
latitudes, the inferred paleoenvironment had temperatures near 20°C; the limnic waters were mineralized
and responded to the neutral saline path with carbonates (presence of Limnocythere), sulfates and chlorateso
Taking into account global relative temperature changes along the Miocene, a probable Lower Miocene
to early Middle Miocene age for the studied lower section of the Collón Cura Formation is thus

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