The Triassic insect fauna from Argentina. Blattoptera and Coleoptera from the Ischichuca Formation (Bermejo Basin), La Rioja Province

Rafael G. Martins-Neto, Oscar F. Gallego


Fossil insect taxa from the Ischichuca Formation (late Middle Triassic to early Late Triassic), La
Rioja Province (Argentina) are described. One new genus and six new species are proposed: Hermosablatta
pygmaea sp. nov. (Blattoptera, Mancusoblattidae), Ademosyne umutu sp. nov., Ischichucasyne cladocosta sp.
nov. (Coleoptera, Permosynidae), Argentinosyne ischichucaensis sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Schizocoleidae),
Babuskaya elaterata gen. et sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Elateridae?) and Argentinocupes sara sp. nov. (Coleoptera,
Cupedidae?). Other previously described Triassic insect species, such as Ademosyne punctuada Martins-
Neto and Gallego, Argentinosyne frenguellii Martins-Neto and Gallego, and Argentinocupes pulcher Martins-
Neto and Gallego are reported for the first time from this formation.

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