Asociaciones palinológicas y bioestratigrafía del Grupo Tucunuco (Ordovícico Superior-Silúrico Superior)

Elba D Pöthe de Baldis, Silvio H. Peralta


A compilation of the most recent palynological studies of the Tucunuco Croup, in the La Chilca and the Los Espejos Formations are presented herein. Evidence provided by graptolites, brachiopods, conodonts, trilobites and palynomorphs is considered. The Salto Macho and the Cuarcitas Azules Members of the La Chilca Formation yielded microfloras assigned to the Tylotopalla roousuepinoea/ Oppitaíat« coptanktonica and Dellllffia/ Domasia biozones respectively. The Los Espejos Formation contains four palynological associations: 1) Loma de Los Piojos association of Upper Ludlovian- Lochkovian ? age. 2) Quebrada de Las Aguaditas association, of Upper Ludlovian age. 3) Aguada de los Azulejitos association r of middle to Upper Ludlovian age and 4) Quebrada de Los Pozos-Río [áchal association of middle to upper ? Ludlovian age.

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