El género Psilocara Fortey (Trilobita, Olenidae) en la Formación Parcha (Ordovícico Temprano), Salta, Argentina

Franco M. Tortello


Two taxa assigned to Psilocara (Trilobita, Olenidae), from the upper part of the Parcha Formation (Incamayo creek, northwestern Argentina), are described. Psilocara liliae n. sp. is characterized by shallow axial and preglabellar furrows, shallow or almost effaced glabellar furrows, moderately narrow fixed cheeks, palpebrallobes with curved outline, and free cheeks without genal spines. Psilocara? sp. has, in addition, a tapered glabella and an elliptical cephalic outline. The occurrence of the genus in this formation gives additional evidence in support of its early Arenigian age.

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