Nanofósiles calcáreos paleógenos del sudeste de la provincia de Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina

Juan P. Pérez Panera


This study presents the results of a quantitative analysis of calcareous nannofossils recovered
from subsurface samples in drilled wells at the locality of Cerro Redondo, southeastern Santa Cruz
Province, Austral Basin of Argentina. Index species identified in the succession allow to recognize stratigraphic
levels in the early and middle Paleocene, the late early Eocene and middle Eocene. The basal level
of the Paleogene was established based on the Cretaceous-Paleogene interval, which includes an unconformity
from the middle Maastrichtian to the lowest Paleocene. It has been inferred high sea and superficial
cold water condition for the Paleocene and middle Eocene and shore-face condition during the
late middle Eocene.

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