Serpientes del sitio arqueológico Cueva Tixi (Pleistoceno tardío-Holoceno), provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Adriana M Albino


The snakes from the Cueva Tixi archeologic site (Late Pleistocene-Holocene) in the Sierras de Tandilia area, are described. The remains consist mainly in precaudal isolated vertebrae. The colubrids Clelia rustica (Cope) and Philodryas patagoniensis (Girard) and the viperid Bothrops aliernaius (Duméril et al.) are identified; the latter species is the most abundant. The three species are common in the Sierras de Tandilia area at presento C/elia rustica and P. patagoniensis are recorded from the middle Holocene onwards, and B. alternatus since the late Pleistocene.

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