Palinología de la Formación Las Cabras (Triásico) en su localidad tipo, Cuenca Cuyana (provincia de Mendoza, Argentina). Parte 1. Esporas triletes



The complete taxonomic list of palynomorphs in the studied seco
tion ineludes 142 species of spores and polten grains belonging to 76 genera, 15 of which are reported for the first time in Argentina. 35 species of trilete spores are described, belonging to the following genera: Deltoidospora, Ca/amospora, Punctatisporites, Biretisporites; Cacñeutasporites; Retusotritetes, Stereisporites, Didecitritetes, Acanthotriletes, Scabratisporites; Anaplanispotites; Apicutatisporues; Anapiculatispomes, Cyctogranisporites, Rugulatisporites, Clavatisporites, Verrucosisporites, Convolutispora; Cadargasporites and Raistrickia. The botanical affinity, the chronological range and regional and global distribution of al1 species inc\uded in this study are given. The emended diagnosis of the genus Cacheutasporites Jain, 1968 is given. The age of Las Cabras Formation microflora in the type locality is Middle Triassic (Upper Anisian-Ladinian).

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