Acritarcos del Silúrico del valle del río Jáchal (Formación Los Espejos), provinciade San Juan, República Argentina. Subgrupos: Prismatomorphitae, Pteromorphitae yAcritarcos de ubicación incierta



The description of the Silurian acritarch paleomicroplankton of the Jáchal Rivervalley(Los Espejos Formation), presented partiallyin previous publications, is completed with the studyof Prismatomorphitae and Pteromorphitae subgrups and acritarchs of uncertain location. A synthesis and analysis of results are presented: the most abundant subgroups and genera are mentioned and a probable Lower to Middle Ludlovian age is assigned to these microplanktonic assemblages, based on their similarity with other assemblages of that age, from the same region and other
parts of the world.

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