Redescripción del cráneo del holotípo de Pelorocephalus mendozensis Cabrera, 1944 (Amphibia, Temnospondyli) del Triásico del Cerro Bayo, provincia de Mendoza



A redescription of the skull of the holotype of Pelorocephalus mendozensis Cabrera, 1944, from the Triassic of Mendoza province is presented and a new description is proposed, based on the analysis of the carefully prepared specimen. Diagnostic derived character-state are: a ventrally "keeled" parasphenoid cultriform process and the presence of two additional teeth-rows, with teeth a bit larger than the ones in the marginal row, in the rnandibular symphysis. The specimen is considered as Brachyopoidea
insertae sedis due to the impossibility of assesing the presence of any of the derived character-states used to diagnose the brachyopoid families Brachyopidae and Chigutisauridae.

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