Escolecodontes de la Formación El Imperial (Paleozoico Superior), Cuenca San Rafael, República Argentina



The systematic study of dispersed scolecodonts from El Imperial Formation (Late Carboniferous-Early Permian), Mendoza Province, Argentina, is presented. Samples containing scolecodonts are recorded from outcrops
placed at Mina Zitro, Arroyo El Imperial and Puesto Pantanito. The assemblages contain the following taxa: Anisocerasites sp., Marlenites spp. Menogenys sp., Nereigenys sp., Oenonites sp. and Staurocephalites spp. Some undeterrnined specimens are also described and commented. No relationships between the scolecodonts studied here and those found in other assemblages from Upper Paleozoic strata, have been found.

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