S. E. Damborenea


INDEX OF AMEGHINIANA, VOLUMES I TO XX. - Every item contained in the first 20 volumes of Ameghiniana has been indexed by author and subject. a) The author índex includes not only published papers but also titles of papers read at the meetings of the Argentine Palaeontological Association, obituaries, book-reviews, etc. It is alphabetically arranged by authors(s). Whenever there is more than one paper by the same author(s) a sequence number has been added chronologically at the end, to avoid ambiguities when cross-referencing the second part. Compound surnames and maiden/married-surnames are given double entry. b) The subject index is also alphabetically arranged by hierarchical headings and subheadings and was compiled taking into consideration the contents of each paper and not only the titles. It includes systematic, stratigraphíc and geographic items. The references are given using the author's names and numbers as stated in the author index. A list of the available publication dates for each issue of Ameghiniana is also provided.

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