Algunos elementos paleoflorísticos de las formaciones Piedra Shotel y Nueva Lubecka, Pérmico Inferior, Estancia La Casilda, Provincia de Chubut

Sergio Archangelsky, Ana Archangelsky, Rubén Cuneo


Plant remains from the Piedra Shotel and Nueva Lubecka Formations, at Estancia La Casilda, Chubut Province, are described and/or figured. They are: Cordaites casildensis n. sp., C. cf. hislopi (Bunbury) Seward & Leslie, Glossopteris wilsonii (Seward) status nov., Gangamopteris obooata (Carr.) D. White and a Glossopteridean fructification. It is suggested that several references of Glossopteris indica in Argentina may well belong to the newly established species, Glossopteris wilsonii, that was based on poorly preserved specimens from Antarctica presented as a variety of indica by Seward. The revision of the type specimen of Clossopteris indica clearly shows a different venation pattem, with many anastomosing veins, a character seldom found in G. wilsonii. An early Permian age is assigned to these fossils.

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