Un Cardiatheriinae (Mammalia, Rodentia, Hydrochoeridae) de Los Calcareos Travertinicos de Las Playas (Córdoba). Edad y correlaciones

Pedro Bondesio, Rosendo Pascual


A fragment of a mandible bearing p4, m1, and part of m2, is described, and assigned to the genus Cardiatherium, Because the Cardiatheriinae have not yet been revised, no specific assignment is made, especially on the basis of fragmentary remains. A list of the known Cardiatherines, along with a review of the literature and illustrations of diagnostic dental characters is provided, indicating that their molars are structurally ancestral to those of the modern Hydrochoeridae. The chronological range of Cardiatherium, along with the associated mammal fauna found in the travertines, are assigned to the Huayquerian (Late Miocene) and possibly in part to the Montehermosan (Early Pliocene). The travertines are correlated with lithologically similar mammal bearing deposits at San Luis Province ("Cantera Santa Isabel"). From radioisotopic (potassium-argon) age determinations in norwest Argentina, it is estimated that the travertines from Córdoba range between 9.0 and 3.0 m.y. B.P.

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