Un primitivo Astrapotheria (Mammalia) y la edad de la Formación Río Loro, Provincia de Tucumán, República Argentina

Miguel F. Soria, Jaime E. Powell


"The discovery of mammals from the Río Loro Formation, Early Tertiary of Tucumán Province, Argentina, is reported, along with a brief outline of the geology of this area. Some taphonomic characteristics are discussed. A preliminary description and discussion about Eoastrapostylops riolorense n.g. et. n.sp. is given. Its features suggest that it is a primitive member of Astrapotheria Order, probably representing a stock ancestral to both the Astrapotherioidea and the Trigonostylopoidea (as Suborder ): Eoastrapostulops
is presented as the type of a new Family Eoastrapostylopidae. The Río Loro Formation
is considered to be Paleocene in age, with its lower section tentatively correlated with
the Mealla Formation (Santa Bárbara Subgroup).

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